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Me and my brother were walking around the city and saw a homeless person with a dog and all I wanted to do was help. My brother was hesitant to give them money because he thinks the money will be spent on beers or drugs and not on the dog. So I decided to create a kit specifically for homeless people who have dogs. The kit will help them stay warm with an energy blanket and simple instructions on how to get bundled up using included velcro. Also in the kit is a 3-D printed dog bowl and a small bag of dog food/treats.



I want to share this opportunity with others to help homeless people with dogs, you can purchase a kit for $5, or more ;), or you can just donate to the cause!  As a thank you we will send you a hand printed and paw signed postcard.

DONATION LINK COMING SOON (in the meantime email Karen at krnyln(at)gmail(dot)com)

Share pictures of your dog, homeless dogs you meet (and hopefully give a dog kit too!) with Karen at the email above and she will post to a gallery on this webpage.


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I dedicate this project to my dog Carlin who I got at the Bark Shelter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.